Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Haha so happy that Shinhwa will be on Running Man so this deserves a post on its own! I hope it'd be funny because Shinhwa alone is funny already!:D Can't wait for Shinhwa Broadcast to be back!:D

I haven't been up to much lately. Except for meeting friends and blogging about my food outings! Haha, I think I have to meet my mum or friends or even go out alone in the middle of the week so there's always something to look forward to! Haha, so glad that my working place is near shopping centres so at least I feel happier walking around during lunch etc! Haha and I'm actually very glad that I am not colleagues with some of my course mates :X

Can't wait to share with you guys my August buys! Not a shopaholic la! Just some stuffs that I bought for a cheaper price. #forevercheapskate :D

Some of my colleagues have asked me if I prefer studying or schooling and honestly, I still don't know. One thing I really love about school is that you get to plan your own timetable. You get to wake up at whatever time you want on days you don't have lessons and you get holidays. But at the same time, there is the stress- the CAP to worry about, No free weekends, forever studying-.- Haha but work, on the other hand, you don't have to bring them home and there's the salary, which is x times of your allowance. You get to leave work and enjoy your time with friends without worrying about work~ Haha, though sometimes we still worry anyway. AND you can be late for school but you can't be late for work! :/ Maybe can la, once in a blue moon~

I don't know if I mentioned before but when I was doing my fyp, I wrote down a list of things that I could do after I graduated, which included
1) Reading, gaming whenever I want to.
2) Drama-ing
3) Having weekends free

Haha I haven't been doing much of 1) and 2). Somehow I always feel so tired whenever I reach home to even read or play games. Because I like to play thinking games!:D Not very good at them of course. I will google for answers if I really cannot solve them:X

Anyway, to those who are reading this space for module reviews, jiayou for schooooooooooooooool!!!:D:D Just hang in there! Don't ever think of quitting school! :D


Samantha said...

We haven't met for so long!

Samantha said...

and why " I'm actually very glad that I am not colleagues with some of my course mates :X"?

jx:D said...

haha not u la!:D u know who
lol. we will meet soon!!!! (: